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I am semi-retired now and no longer travel for Expert Witness testimony.  However, I am available for local depositions, case review, and consultation. 

I understand you have deadlines.  So do I.  Case review takes time and careful examination.  If you are in need of an immediate case determination on whether your case is indeed a "suicide by cop" case, please allow time for review.  I can provide a written or verbal rendered response usually within 7-10 days upon receipt of relevant information.

Documents required:

  • Any and all police reports.
  • And and all reports from the Critical Incident Review Team (CINT).
  • Any and all reports filed by that jurisdiction's District Attorney.
  • Any and all depositions of parties involved.
  • Any and all transcripts of testimony otherwise given.
  • Autopsy report, including toxicology, etc.
  • Relevant crime scene photographs and diagrams.

I charge a standard retainer fee that includes case review.  This retainer fee does not include actual testimony for subject-matter expert opinion and/or rebuttal.