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This book is not about the tactical aspects of police work, but rather the intensity of emotions that accompany a critical shooting.  It is for police officers and survivors alike to help bridge the gap between misunderstanding and accusation.

Rebecca’s experience and research in the area of suicide by cop brings a no-holds barred approach and speaks to all sides of this issue.  She offers the dual perspective of both surviving loved ones of suicide by cop and the officer involved so that we can begin to understand the consequences of suicide by cop, and its effect on survivors, officers, and the community as a whole.

Rebecca very carefully and courageously pulls back the curtain to expose the raw emotions of police officers as well as how these officers endure after having been forced to kill another human being.  Likewise, she presents the stark reality faced by survivors who encounter the devastating “knock at the door.” 

Understanding Survivors helps us to see what lay ahead for survivors.  From the onset of the death notification through the cold reality of an autopsy report, we learn what it’s like for survivors who are left with the overwhelming sorrow of realizing how someone they loved chose suicide. As a police officer involved in three of these kinds of incidents I found this book to be of great value.  I wish it had been available sooner.

Hopefully, Rebecca’s work will motivate the leadership within Police Departments to evaluate and develop appropriate protocols to help officers, survivors, and the community, in learning how to work through such potentially devastating events.